A Pixel Bender Stress-Test

Lone Survivor v0.2 – [Play Online]
NOTE: It’s recommended you have no other Flash windows running to see good performance.

So, just say I was going to re-build my survival horror engine (as seen in Soundless Mountain II) in Flash…

To re-create the lighting / fog / film-grain effects, I’d probably need to harness the power of Flash 10.0’s all new ‘Pixel Bender’ tech. This is like having programmable PS3-style shaders at your disposal. At the moment it runs in software, but it’s still faster than pure Actionscript 3 (Flash language).

From the research I’ve done on the net, no-one’s combined this tech with pixel art as yet (partly because it’s fiddly to set up I think, and it’s so new) – so let me know how it runs for you.

Press A/Z to move the secondary lights. Press Left / Right to move your player – there’s no walk cycle yet though!

The reason I’m posting is that I’d love to know what framerate you’re seeing, and your specs – press the ‘|’ key or the ‘¬’ depending on your machine to bring up the console and see your framerate.

Thanks in advance!

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