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Special Fruit Salad

I got the game into the IGF compo on time!  With loads more features than planned!

One of the main things I got into the IGF build was the mirror evaluation system.  Mirrors act as save points, and when you look in them You previously only gave a single line of text.  Now he will show you when his mental condition is worsening.  I must say it’s quite an unsettling effect, if you begin to play the game in a certain way…  It’s starting to feel more and more like an RPG in some ways: you can roleplay in different ways, and the result is quite a different game each time.  (Having tested for so many 1000’s of hours it’s nice to see some variety in each replay!)

Put a lot more time into the diary and radio which give hints.  They provide a recap and a short term goal / long-term goal respectively.  They still need more work, but they really help with the key points people were getting stuck in feedback I’m recieved.

The other main thing I spent time on was balancing, the placement of food items, the mental costs of things, the exhaustion costs of things, the combat ins and outs, the food values of things…

I also added ‘special fruit salad.’  In the following weeks, as well as adding new areas and a few new surprise items for stealth-play, I’m going to focus on the food-crafting aspect of the game.  There will be a way to activate You’s stove in his apartment, is all I’m sayin’.

Today I’m gonna try and relax…

All go for IGF!

This picture shows how I feel (this is the new exhaustion system.)

Just over three weeks to go… Will it all be done in time?

I know one thing, that the game has become something else entirely this last month or so, since I took a break from it. It’s really helped and I’ve come up with something that feels no longer like a remake of old survival horror, but more like a new mashup of various things that I can’t really put into a category.

There’s a real nurture element to it, you are now linked with your apartment at almost all times, and you’ll need to rest your guy there and plan your routes as it’s the only place that’s safe. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the picking of the right food for the occasion, or the right drug in case of emergency. You may be able to find your way around all the monsters without even harming them at all.

If you must take the pills though, remember to make the most of your dreams…