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What’s Rockabilly Head all about?

You can download Rockabilly Head here: Rockabilly Head [PC / OSX Download!]

I thought I’d do an analysis of my own game, as it sprung up so quickly I almost didn’t know what it meant*.

* but then i changed my mind.

Meat & potatoes

Hi there,

I’ve been away from the blog for quite a while, mainly due to two months of net downtime (damn you, Tiscali!)

It’s been a busy few months, tinkering on various projects.

My meat and potatoes has been ‘iLoveWar’ an SRPG for iPhone, which hopefully attempts something new within the genre, rather than being a straight-up Advance Wars clone.

It’s played from left to right.  There are two campaigns, one for the Fish People, the other for the Bear People.  You must protect your Queen and get her to the next temple to summon units to aid you in your quest.  It’s about 30-40% done.

So far it’s been an interesting learning process, as I’m new to OpenGL and Objective C.  After a couple of months, I managed to build a pretty solid isometric tile / sprite engine which is actually true 3D, but looks like pixel art (everthing is in half-resolution.)  I feel it adds charm to the game!

Here’s a screenshot of the control system…  It’s fairly intuitive to use so far!

Meanwhile, I’ve finished a very short game this weekend called ‘Rockabilly Head’.  I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s a sort of Lynchian nightmare wrapped up as a dancing-adventure-game.  It has four endings, which tell quite different stories, and has many branching dialogue paths, depending on the player’s actions.  There’s also five or six original pieces of music!

You can find it here:
TIGSource Forum Thread

Keep being awesome, people of the world!