Lone Survivor: Update

Lone Survivor – version 0.32 [Play online]
NOTE: This game contains explicit language. It’s recommended you close all other flash windows, including Youtube, for the best performance. Please note also that this is just a tech demo, and in no way shows the level of polish of a final game!

EDIT: The link now contains version 0.32, which improves flashlight, fixes a couple of bugs, and adds smooth room transitions, and lastly adds movement to points of interest automatically.


I’ve linked to a new version of this, which is now running in the new version of the engine, which is close to complete.

Before, all the game objects such as the player were hard-coded in Actionscript using the Flixel framework.

Now instead, every game object is exactly the same thing as far as Flixel is concerned, except they run their own setup and logic routines which are all powered by the HAL parser (HAL is the name I’ve given to my script language). The player is slightly special in that it persists between rooms.

Sixel in Action

Also the assets are now handled in the editor (graphics and sound etc)… You just plonk one in the resource folder, and they appear in the editor. They’re automatically embedded into the Flixel code, so I never need to re-write it once it’s done. I hate manually typing in asset names!

I’ll probably write more about how my editor works at some point – it’s something I’ve worked on for a long time, and it’s just getting to a fairly usable state. There’s still work to do, but it’s almost possible to get a fully working adventure game out of it now. The last step is inventory handling, and I’ve got a plan for it, let’s hope it doesn’t take too long!

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  1. avatar
    • Pandin
    • September 5th, 2012

    Wow! this tool looks awesome!
    May you share more with us ? :p

  2. avatar
    • JJ
    • May 14th, 2012

    Liked the game, wish there was more to it

  3. avatar
    • superflat
    • June 23rd, 2010

    Thanks bro, glad you’re enjoying it… There’s a long way to go still, but most of the painful stuff is done. Just gotta break through the tricky stage and onto the fun stuff (level / puzzle design, music etc).

  4. avatar
    • BarnabyByrne
    • June 22nd, 2010

    Lone Survivor scares me! The game is really fun 🙂

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