My entry into Ludum Dare 48.  It’s a game about my dad, set in Liverpool of the 60’s where he’d recently emigrated to.  Made in under 48 hours. I’m actually pretty happy with how it turned out, although I appreciate it’s fairly personal and may not have the same weight for other people! I certainly giggled a lot while making it, partly from exhaustion though maybe.

It’s written in RPGMaker 2003, so it’s Windows only I’m afraid.  I’ve based the visuals on a ZX Spectrum with a slightly tweaked palette to make it more digestible.

Very happy to have something finished to share with you guys again though!

Click the image to go to the game download page.

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    Yep that’s all there is to see I’m afraid!

    Thanks for playing all the same.

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    If you want a more user friendly distribution method, maybe the files inside Stopcock.lzh can be extracted using WinRAR or similar and run on their own? I don’t know if I have the RPG Maker runtime previously installed on my computer, though. The included font definitely needs to be installed.

    Have I finished the game if I got a game over after winning the bar brawl, or is there more to see?

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