Humble Indie Bundle V / LONE SURVIVOR for Linux

The title says it all, and you’ve probably heard it from the a million internet streams before this one – Lone Survivor is now a part of Humble Indie Bundle V!  I’m incredibly proud to be a part of this incredible collection of games, and once again in awe of the guys over at Humble, Inc.

I did have a good think about whether to accept the offer, for a couple of reasons… not least of which is that I’m feeling a bit burnt out – I really do need a proper break (after 7dfps, anyway…)   But I realised in the end that I may never get another chance to reach people in a way like this, and I couldn’t pass that up.

So the game will be given to everyone who bought HIB V before today as thanks for early adoption, regardless of what they paid – which means close to 400,000 people will already be guaranteed a copy!  It will also be given to anyone who pays above the average from now until the end of the promotion, so if you’ve held off so far, why not head over to Humble and pick up your tasty bundle?

For those curious about how it’s broken down: Superflat Games will only receive income from the developer’s share of any sales that fall above the average price from today onwards (the developer’s share is determined by the public as you can see on the Humble site.)  The rest of the income the bundle generates goes towards helping a couple of great charities and building awareness of the indie scene in general, supporting indie developers such as myself, via the Humble Store and so on.  And most importantly of all, with this bundle comes the unique opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of people with my work, and reaching people has always been what drives me.  For that reason alone, it really is a dream come true … and my mind is blown to be in the company of such heavyweight games, and … well … TIM SCHAFER!!!!*

Sorry, Tim...


The other great news is that the game is now available for your favourite Linux distribution (and included in the bundle, of course) – as a rock-solid Flash Projector, which has been re-coded from scratch – so that you get all the bugfixes and improvements of CODENAME: RED but with the Flash saved game system of the original Mac Projector release (which was a patch for the then non-working AIR build, which now works on all Macs with the Snow Leopard or above.)

So to Linux users, although the Projector version should work identically, you won’t be able to transfer saved games between versions, and you should watch for clearing your Flash cookies as it can delete your saved game in some instances.

I wanted to use AIR for the Linux release, but AIR for Linux was abandoned by Adobe a while back.  I do hope they’ll consider getting it back up and running, as there are a lot of successful indie games that are starting to use AIR, and it would be a shame to have to restrict those to Mac and PC only as new AIR features mean Linux becomes harder to back-port.  Perhaps Adobe will take notice of the growing interest in AIR on Linux for game developers? I’d love to see a Linux Captive Runtime with AIR 3.3!

Adobe’s support team have been great all through this, once I got their ear – testing builds of LS I’ve had trouble with, and inviting me onto the AIR beta program and so on… they’re really listening to what developers are saying, so if enough developers make noise about an AIR update for Linux, maybe it’ll reach them?

So, the TL:DR version: a lot of technical stuff has had to happen to make this dream come true, but like magic, it should Just Work TM**

It’ll go up as part of the Humble storefront on my own site, which initially will be the only place to purchase the Linux build, so if you are a new customer, you’ll now get three platforms for the price of one!

It’ll also be available for purchase on Linux from this day forth over on Ubuntu Software Centre, who are handling the redemptions for the Humble Indie Bundle V.

And finally…

Once again a massive thankyou to everyone who’s played the game, and shared their analysis, thoughts, personal feelings, images, music, videos, and general humanity via the update request emails.  I’ve really loved reading them all!

Things will hopefully start getting a bit calmer soon and I might even announce the new secret project I’ve been working on at some stage after 7dfps, which I’ve been (also) secretly getting ready for, making a special ‘virtual console’ and a basic 3D engine – screenshots to follow on Saturday.

And to my 400,000 new friends: thank you for playing Lone Survivor, and don’t forget if you liked it and want to support Superflat Games in some way, why not head on over to Space Recordings on Bandcamp and give the OST a listen?  Either way, I hope you enjoy your adventures with You.  Be sure to write and tell me about them!

– Jasper

*(I’m deeply influenced by the Lucasarts adventures, as you’ll see if you track down Keith’s Quest for the Amiga (please don’t.))

**(not my TM.)

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  1. avatar
    • Rain
    • July 5th, 2012

    A little late, but I bought the Humble Bundle and I wanted to let you know that I liked Lone Survivor a lot! So much that I risked dying in game several times to get screenshots. I’m very glad that you were included in the bundle.

  2. avatar

    @Alexander, you need to install the 32bit versions of curl and libcurl

    apt-get install curl.i686 libcurl.i686


    yum install libcurl.i686 curl.i686

  3. avatar
    • Josh
    • June 20th, 2012

    Played this game after picking it up in the HIB V and have to say I really enjoyed it. Great game from a great developer.

  4. avatar
    • Jake
    • June 17th, 2012

    Just finished the game after buying it in the humble bundle. I thought it was very well made and enjoyed it very much, so i figured I’d let you know. In addition my mind was unexpectedly stimulated from the storytelling and rather unique game play, which I would not have expected when starting to play. In addition, the end game stats made me feel like I was a bad player, but I guess that could be reason to start it all over again. Thanks for the great gaming experience.

  5. avatar

    I bought the bundle, and I’m playing Lone survivor right now. And well, it is really great. I hope you are able to pursue this form of game-creation further, because I think you are on to something quite unique (at least to my knowledge).

    Thank you!

  6. avatar
    • Roland
    • June 16th, 2012


    I am quite new to fedora, and even if I have worked for years with gentoo a nd ubuntu, rpm is puzzling me with dependency problem.

    When I try to install the rpm on a 64 bit system rpm tells me that the following dependencies are missing: est nécessaire pour lonesurvivor-1.11d-1.x86_64 est nécessaire pour lonesurvivor-1.11d-1.x86_64 est nécessaire pour lonesurvivor-1.11d-1.x86_64 est nécessaire pour lonesurvivor-1.11d-1.x86_64 est nécessaire pour lonesurvivor-1.11d-1.x86_64

    It is strange because yum tells me that they are already installed.

    Did you encounter the problem and how did you solve it?

    I have installed the game with the -nodeps option but when starting the game it complains about the missing libXt library.


  7. avatar
    • Brandon
    • June 14th, 2012

    @Jasper: Seems like it would be great on android! You should port it over!!!

    @James Don’t

    James :
    I only purchased Lone Survivor so hastily because I thought that your first-week Steam sale indicated you were not the kind of developer who would whore your game out so quickly.


    There were some games I purchased that are included in the Humble Bundle as well… Don’t come here to whine about it, I wouldn’t be complaining if I had purchased Lone Survivor already and just started playing it after seeing in the bundle. It is a great game – worth every penny. Haven’t even touched the other games.

    I absolutely love it! DO NOT want it to end!!! Been playing every nigh for about a half hour.

  8. avatar
    • David
    • June 14th, 2012

    Hey Jasper!

    Just finished the game. It was a great trip. You did a masterful job.

    I increased my contribution to the Humble Bundle in part because of how much I was enjoying Lone Survivor.

    I particularly enjoyed the compassion you demonstrated for the protagonist, how important it is to take care of his mental and physical health, and how it has a genuine, consequential effect on his outcome. (the clipboard complete with game completion status and mental health review was insightful)

    Games really are the undiscovered frontier of human creativity, and you are another unique, and soulful part of that frontier.

    I look forward to your next project!
    Don’t push yourself too hard, and don’t be a stranger to fruit, even though the Lone Survivor isn’t a fan, it’s still chock full of goodness. : )

  9. avatar
    • Doug
    • June 14th, 2012

    Hey Jasper, do you plan on making a sequel to this game. Because technically the main guy is still in the hospital! I want to play more of the game. I beat it too quickly and hunger for more. It’s such a good game, like holy crap. Please tell me you will consider making another! I will pay more than I paid for the indie bundle pack for it!

  10. avatar
    • Jason
    • June 14th, 2012

    I could not disagree with James (above) more.

    I for one had not learnt anything about lone survivor before its inclusion in humble bundle. It is because of this decision that Jasper opens up his game to 1000s of new players – so his vision of a lone survivor horror game could be shared with the world, not to ‘whore’ it out as James so indelicately put it.

    Yes we all could have saved some money here and there if we waited for promotions, but we instead pay and play the games that capture our interest and we feel we want to pay towards. I commend you James for being an early supporter, but if you enjoyed the content at the time why complain about it now? In my case, I increased my humble bundle donation amount specifically for Lone Survivor – donating every extra penny towards the game, as i felt that as i have previously supported all other games in H.B.V. before, and reading about the dedication Jasper went to create it, I could at least show my support for his creation.

    All-in-all good work Jasper, i am sure were see much more in the indie world from you soon.

  11. avatar
    • Dan
    • June 12th, 2012

    So, I’m wondering how/if I can transfer my saved games from the DRM-free version to the Steam version of Lone Survivor? Any tips!?

    And James: WTF, are you serious?

  12. avatar
    • Markus
    • June 12th, 2012

    Thanks for including this in the bundle, I had heard of Lone Survivor before and was already interested in it, so you can imagine how happy I was about this game coming to the bundle. I just completed it and really enjoyed it. I’ll have to play through it again sometime, there’s such a huge amount of detail that it’s impossible to see everything in one playtrough. Hell, I might even buy the OST. Great job on that, too.

  13. avatar

    Awesome post, you could have highlighted a number of beneficial factors, My spouse and i also believe this can be a extremely exceptional web page.

  14. avatar

    @James, are you saying that the game doesn’t deserve the price you paid for it? The Humble Bundle is an opportunity to buy games to a very low price, not necessarily the price the developer deserves for its work. But it helps to spread the indie love and get to more people. And help charities on the way.

  15. avatar
    • Nathan Low
    • June 10th, 2012

    Hi Jasper,

    Bit of a random question, but I’d like to transfer save games between computers since I travel often. I can’t find the save game location, any idea of where to look?


  16. avatar
    • Liz
    • June 10th, 2012

    I hadn’t even heard of this game before it was in the bundle, so it was a fantastic surprise when it turned out to be my favorite one of the bunch. I wouldn’t hesitate to pay full price for it, because I can honestly say you deserve it.

  17. avatar
    • James
    • June 10th, 2012

    Hi Jasper, just wanted you to know I’m extremely disappointed by your choice to include this game in the HiB when it’s been out on Steam for less than 2 months. I don’t have much money to spend on games, but I bought Lone Survivor at its release because you seemed like a good guy who worked hard to bring his unique vision of survival horror into the world. I don’t regret supporting you, but for the same amount I paid for Lone Survivor I could have gotten LS + 5 other (supposedly) amazing games that I don’t own. I only purchased Lone Survivor so hastily because I thought that your first-week Steam sale indicated you were not the kind of developer who would whore your game out so quickly.

    I can’t condemn you for capitalizing on an opportunity to get your work to as many people as possible, but it does bother me that those of us who initially purchased the game are essentially being shafted for our support. I truly do hope this pays off for you, but I want you to know that you’ve killed my desire to support independent developers because of how quickly you’ve gone the bundle route. So thanks for saving me some money in the future I guess?


  18. avatar
    • Alexander
    • June 8th, 2012

    Thank you for quick response, Jasper.
    I was able to fix my problem by installing 32bit versions of curl and libcurl:

    sudo yum -y install libcurl.i686 curl.i686

  19. avatar

    Hi Mike, it’s version 1.1 across the board now! 🙂

    Hi Andy,

    I’ve updated the post to reflect the fact that the HIB guys decided to use the Projector only, as AIR is now unsupported on Linux. It’s a shame but I think it was the right decision.

    To Evan and Alexander, and other Linux users with technical problems, please contact the Humble Support team (on the main about this, they’ll probably have a suggestion for you as they are handling the Linux release.



  20. avatar
    • Alexander
    • June 8th, 2012

    Hi Jasper!
    Got Lone Survivor from Humble Bundle, trying to run it under linux, Fedora 16 64bit, but it crashes at start.

    Got following errors in console output:

    Adobe Flash Player error: could not load cURL library
    (LoneSurvivor:17578): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: instance with invalid (NULL) class pointer
    (LoneSurvivor:17578): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_signal_handlers_disconnect_matched: assertion `G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE (instance)’ failed

    P.S.: As I seen from window title, it uses 10th version of Adobe Flash Player.
    Why not 11th?

  21. avatar

    Jasper, do you hate or love the idea of YouTubers and streamers showing off your work?

    I’d like to stream some gameplay on Twitch and post the vods to YouTube. I wanted to stream parts of the Humble Bundle games tomorrow. Not a whole lot of subscribers or anything, just thought I’d ask.

    (And DEVIN up top, you got a sub from me on YT for a similar question :P)

    Super excited for the extended endings. I’ve already played through the game and really enjoyed it. Will the updates be available on steam?

  22. avatar
    • Andy
    • June 8th, 2012


    I don’t get what you are saying about an “AIR version”; up until now I’ve never even seen “Adobe AIR” anywhere. No idea what that’s even supposed to be.
    And I see no two versions of Lone Survivor on my HIB page, either. Only the same package in different formats (deb, rpm, tgz). It doesn’t say anything about “AIR” anywhere.
    It would be nice to get KLone Survivor to run in *any* different way as it is now. It starts via the stand-alone Flash player, where it accepts no keyboard input. And running it in a window destroys all immersion. I’d love not to reboot over to Windows for this one, but it seems I’ll have to. 😛

  23. avatar
    • Mike
    • June 8th, 2012


    First off, congratulations on Lone Survivor. It is an incredible horror game. Lastly, I wanted to ask if the DRM free version in the Humble Bundle V is the latest version of the game (v1.1)? Thanks!

    – Mike

  24. avatar
    • Devin (DradsWorldLP)
    • June 7th, 2012


    I’m a small time (very small). But I saw that this was added to the humble bundle, and looked over the trailer for it and I am interested in doing a Play through of it. and I was anything I should know about, like a terms of service, like can I monetize the videos? Is there certain things I can’t show.

    Thank you.

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