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Short Update

Just to let you know things are ticking over on Amnesia, but the game has reverted to more of a point’n’click adventure format. For this reason we’re reverting to a different language that’s more friendly to cross-platform PC / OSX. It’s also one I’m much more familiar with. The game’s going to take a long, long time and for that reason it’s on-hold for now, at least in the development sense. This gives me more time to think about the script and puzzles I want to include.

The story is really taking shape though, and it’s the reason I still want to make this game. I’ve also got onboard officially my good friend and co-worker in the games industry, Dock, who is also the founder of Sweatdrop Studios, the leading UK manga company. I’m luck enough to have got him excited about the project which really needed someone skilled in Japanese-style art. As both he and Lord. P Duncan live around the corner we have a good opportunity to keep each other motivated!

For another of my projects, I’ve been working on a sort of rhythm-action-dance-music shoot-’em-up game provisionally called ‘Tempo’. It’s a chance to use some of my history as a drum’n’bass producer, and hopefully will wow and excite! ^-^


Here’s a mockup, but it already looks close to this in-game: