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the next game from superflat games is…


thankyou to those who’ve played and supported super lone survivor. i’m glad some of you enjoyed it, thankyou to those who took the time to give feedback, and share their stories, and those who painstakingly discovered all the secrets and wrote / filmed walkthroughs.

i’m now back in development mode on a new game in the series, with a different protagonist. it’s going to be a bit different in gameplay terms. this time it’s less of a focus on stealth and survival and more of a focus on action / panic scenarios. aliens to lone survivor’s alien, if you like. there is more of a range of combat options, but not really anywhere to hide. it’ll probably be a shorter but (hopefully) more intense game than lone survivor.

i actually started this before super lone survivor before deciding it would be more sensible to rerelease the original game first. i’m still not sure if that was the right choice but i’m glad to be back in the flow of making this.