hey friends. it gives me great pleasure to share with you this new teaser trailer for SUPER LONE SURVIVOR on this day, the 10th anniversary of the original game. happy birthday, LONE SURVIVOR!

i remember this day very well, a decade ago, having been up all night fixing last minute bugs, watching the sales and reviews come in with excitement as people seemed to really connect with the game. i was down to the end of my funds, was recently made redundant from frontier developments, and had a 2 year old daughter. it HAD TO work out.

somehow it all worked out! it’s still the last game i released, despite working on another for over 8 years. it is my biggest regret in life that i was not able to release that game yet. i want to talk about it publically for the first time soon, but it is a somewhat raw subject for me. i do still want to release it after LONE WARRIOR (it’s basically my life’s work at this point) but i feel like i might need to expand from a solo operation to do so … we’ll see … anyway, it shows to what extent LONE SURVIVOR has kept my family going over the years, along with my music. so thankyou all so much for your support.

SUPER has been over two years in the making now, it’s rebuilt from the ground up. it really is more of a remake than a remaster at this point. though i have tried to keep the main experience very true to the original game for purists, there is a lot more to discover and the presentation is subtly enhanced all the way through, from the remastered audio to the improved shaders, lighting and scrolling. it should both be more accessible and challenging through the difficulty modes, something i feel improves the game (my views were quite different a decade ago.). i look forward to seeing people rediscover the game, and hope it finds a new audience too. most of all i hope people feel as i do that this is the definitive version!

once again, thankyou for sticking with me over the years, I hope that LONE WARRIOR (the followup which is half complete) will be coming out in less than a decade!

and who knows, maybe even <SECRET_GAME> too.


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    • lionk
    • April 3rd, 2022

    I was just looking at this new trailer from Super Lone Survivor (great name!). I really like the way this remake was done. It looks and sounds as great! It’s very inspiring to me ^-^ It is awesome to read how great the original game did for you as well.
    That, but also.. Soo exciting to read the news that you’ve been working on a new game all this time as well!

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    • AlWhoFartsALot
    • March 30th, 2022

    I might like to see something like extra rooms or more storylines… just hoping though, better graphics + difficulty modes seem nice to me

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    • AlWhoFartsALot
    • March 30th, 2022

    SOoooo when will this be coming out? Been waiting for a long time… excited!!

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