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Hi everyone, and welcome to superflat world. This is primarily a game development blog for superflat games, although I’ll also be posting about other cool and interesting things in the world of games, music and life in general.

My name’s Jasper Byrne and I’m currently the sole member of the team, so art, code, music and design roles fall on me. ┬áThis is what I look like in pixel form:

– I like fried food, especially fish.

– I like making stuff and languages (real and computer.)

– I lived in Manchester for about 8 years.

– I’m half Irish and half English.

– It was probably Jet Set Willy and Lords of Midnight that got me into games.

– I’ve lived in Vietnam, Japan, America, and England. I was born in London.

– For the last ten years I’ve been a drum’n’bass producer / DJ under the aliases Sonic, Sonic & Silver & The Accidental Heroes. Myspace page. I’ve been lucky enough to sell records and tour the world!

– Nowadays I’m mostly a game designer, but I still write music.

– I think games are the highest level of art being explored at the moment, but are still in their infancy. I feel like we’re on the cusp of something incredible, like the first tentative steps of silent movies into talkies. I hope I’m still a part of it when it happens.

– I began writing games on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum at the age of eight (1984, so you can work out my age…) and it’s been a life-long hobby of mine. I have worked in the industry as a designer on Xbox titles such as Kinectimals, but nowadays I’m full-time indie.

– Some of the independent games I’ve done are listed on Moby Games.

– Other than that, the site frontpage is the best place to start (although that’s also out of date!) ┬áThe ones which are probably the most well-known are Lone Survivor, Soul Brother and Soundless Mountain II.

Anyway, hope you enjoy your stay in superflat world…

Peace + much love,


  1. What’s up man!?, I’m an old school gamer as well. I was born in 1984, I had an NES at an early age, and a pentium 486 computer in the early 90’s that I played all the SCUMM games made by Lucas Arts on. The Dig was my favorite. I would like to start making my own games, but there is obviously a lot of work to be done. I am currently designing in Visual Studio using the XNA to make a Windows Game. This is in my hobby time, since I am normally a database developer at a company that makes restraints for water pipeline. I have played games my whole life, I can beat contra on the NES without dying! (trying to validate myself as a serious 8-bit gamer)
    I just wanted to give you a shout to let you know that I really enjoyed your game Lone Survivor. I got it yesterday on the Playstation 3 and I thought it was really good. I got frustrated at a few points, but nothing that shouldn’t come with the territory when playing an old-school styled game. I am amazed how someone can take old-concepts and pixel art and blend them with newer special effects here and there to create an old school experience that is better than I remember old school gaming being. Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery does this too, I’m sure you’ve checked it out. Long live pixels!
    Anyway, you’re awesome dude! Any advise you could give me would be most appreciated! Thanks for your amazing contributions to the world!

    Chris Weekes

  2. woah sick video skills dude.

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    • Abbs
    • July 17th, 2011

    If you liked fried fish, I am definitely going to be back to read more lol! I love it too; it’s probably the best kind of fish out there. Your superflat world seems much better than the round one we are living in so I will probably be back. Good job Jasper, I’m proud of you.


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