Developments, developments, developments…

So things are progressing a little after a hiatus where I  focussed back on my music career for a while.  I’m liking switching between the two to keep them both fresh.  Only problem is, with a baby on the way and a full-time job it’s very tiring!

Here’s a little image, partly to apologise for pulling the teaser video (I edited that post to say why):

The Players Bedroom

The Player's Bedroom (Click to enlarge)

Anyway, this is my first screen of how I see the player’s room, and the kind of art I’m gonna be using – hopefully not much will change from this look – which is good because it’s taken six years to settle on!  I must have done fifteen versions of this room alone.  The sprite’s likely to change a bit though, as this is just my old one, and my good friend Dock will be doing the new one.

I’m playing with doing hi-res text as the game has a lot of dialogue…  I’m not usually a fan, but I feel it could possibly work here, especially for how much easier it makes dialogue to read? (This screen has been scaled down, it would normally be 1024 across – in fact you can have a look by clicking on the image.)

In other news, Super Street Fighter IV exists!

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