New Light!

Off on holiday today, but I’ll leave you with a screenshot showing the new lighting system (notice the grading across the screen), the redrawn art (I’ve done a second detail pass on all the art) and the new area (in fact the first area I began two years ago.)  Also you can see the item combination system here.  I wonder what irradiated orange + squid stick tastes like?

It’s going well!

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    • superflat
    • August 14th, 2011

    It’s my pleasure, thankyou for commenting!

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    From what I heard from people who tried it so far I have the impression that Lone Survivor will turn out to be something really meaningful to me.
    So I thank you in advance for working on it 🙂

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    Really awesome work, Jasper! The graphics are looking great. 🙂

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