All go for IGF!

This picture shows how I feel (this is the new exhaustion system.)

Just over three weeks to go… Will it all be done in time?

I know one thing, that the game has become something else entirely this last month or so, since I took a break from it. It’s really helped and I’ve come up with something that feels no longer like a remake of old survival horror, but more like a new mashup of various things that I can’t really put into a category.

There’s a real nurture element to it, you are now linked with your apartment at almost all times, and you’ll need to rest your guy there and plan your routes as it’s the only place that’s safe. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the picking of the right food for the occasion, or the right drug in case of emergency. You may be able to find your way around all the monsters without even harming them at all.

If you must take the pills though, remember to make the most of your dreams…

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    Best of luck Jasper! Got my fingers crossed for you!

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    Ooh, this sounds intriguing! Wow, only three weeks left to submit to IGF? Didn’t realise it was so close! Looking forward to playing the game 🙂

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