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hello, world!

Welcome to superflat world.  I’m Jasper Byrne, and I make games, audio and visuals.

This is primarily a game development blog for superflat games, although I’ll also be posting about other interesting things in the world of games, music and life in general.

Who I am?

– I like fried food, especially fish.

– I like making stuff.

– That’s my daughter, Aila, in the picture.

– It was probably Jet Set Willy and Lords of Midnight that got me into games.

– I’ve lived in Vietnam, Japan, America, and England.  I now reside in Cambridge, UK.

– For the last ten years I’ve been a drum’n’bass producer / DJ under the aliases Sonic, Sonic & Silver & The Accidental Heroes.  Myspace page. I’ve been lucky enough to sell records and tour the world.

– Nowadays I’m mostly a game designer, but I still write music.

– I think games are the highest level of art being explored at the moment, but are still in their infancy. I feel like we’re on the cusp of something incredible, like the first tentative steps of silent movies into talkies.

* * *

I began writing games on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum at the age of eight (1984, so you can work out my age…) and it’s been a life-long hobby of mine.  I worker with Frontier Developments for close to three years working on Xbox games such as Kinectimals and Kinect Disneyland Adventures.

Some of the independent games I’ve done are listed on Moby Games.  I also have an [edit: very old now] online portfolio that was aimed at a jobhunt. There’s access to a couple of my older games there.

I’ve just release Soul Brother on [adult swim] games, and there’s more games on the front page of the site.  Enjoy them!

For now, take care,