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Special Fruit Salad

I got the game into the IGF compo on time!  With loads more features than planned!

One of the main things I got into the IGF build was the mirror evaluation system.  Mirrors act as save points, and when you look in them You previously only gave a single line of text.  Now he will show you when his mental condition is worsening.  I must say it’s quite an unsettling effect, if you begin to play the game in a certain way…  It’s starting to feel more and more like an RPG in some ways: you can roleplay in different ways, and the result is quite a different game each time.  (Having tested for so many 1000’s of hours it’s nice to see some variety in each replay!)

Put a lot more time into the diary and radio which give hints.  They provide a recap and a short term goal / long-term goal respectively.  They still need more work, but they really help with the key points people were getting stuck in feedback I’m recieved.

The other main thing I spent time on was balancing, the placement of food items, the mental costs of things, the exhaustion costs of things, the combat ins and outs, the food values of things…

I also added ‘special fruit salad.’  In the following weeks, as well as adding new areas and a few new surprise items for stealth-play, I’m going to focus on the food-crafting aspect of the game.  There will be a way to activate You’s stove in his apartment, is all I’m sayin’.

Today I’m gonna try and relax…