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Unfinished Alphas

Here are links to a couple of games I never finished…


Trip One, version 0.41


L/R: Turn
U/D: Thrust / Reverse

X: Ok / Primary Item
C: Cancel / Back / Secondary Item

ENTER: Bring up upgrade screen (can only upgrade when parked on top of the dropship).

HP is your ship’s shield. You can get it back by sliding on striped surfaces.
SP is your ship’s energy, and you won’t be able to use items (such as guns / shield) unless you have some. It replenishes over time.


You can hold the X button to get rid of all the text. I’d recommend doing it first. I meant to improve the textbox system so they were more like auto-popups as in Starfox.

I had planned to make the inventory screen so you could actually swap between items when away from the dropship. Won’t probably get round to it now.

There’s quite a few items to be found. You can upgrade them or your ship by collecting starmen, which are used as currency.

If you die, you drop your starmen, and if you don’t then make it back to where you snuffed it, you’ll lose them forever. In general it’s best to upgrade as soon as you can (such as at the start, because you begin with 200 or so starmen).

* * *

Soul Brother

Soul Brother, version 0.5

There is actually a version 0.6 around which has quite a lot more in it as well as bugfixes. I will definitely post this at some stage soon. Just needs packaging up!


L/R: Move

X: Ok / Use / Unique Move (such as Fly / Jump etc)
C: Cancel / Back

In other news, I can finally announce the game I’ve been designing in my day-job:

As it’s finally been announced at E3, I guess it’s ok for me to say.  It doesn’t get much more mainstream than this, folks!

I’m sorry for recent failure… Hopefully some win is on its way!

Before I bring you up to date with thing, and by way of apology for said tardiness, let me present this short ‘game’ I made a TIGJam UK2, a gathering of fine indie-gaming folk here in my native Cambridge, last night:


– by Jasper ‘superflat’ Byrne & ‘Bento Smile’

Oh, and that’s 12 E’s, and 6 Z’s, in case you were wondering…

Download: BEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZ! (alpha 0.2) [OSX / PC]

Play with your mouse!

My good friend Bento Smile contributed the pretty flowers, and may add more foliage at a later date.  I will put some sound in at some point, and perhaps even a goal.  For now I quite like it for what it is.

Yes, things have actually been going on in my lengthy absence from this blog.   My beautiful girl, Aila, was born on the Dec 26th.  Her mother, Kanako, and I are very happy!

And I’ve been working on a brand new, completely unrelated-to-Amnesia/iLoveWar/Soul Brother game, but which is somewhat related to my earlier game, Trip.

It’s called Trip:One, and the best way I can describe it is a mash-up of gravity gun-em-up and Demon’s Souls-style hardcore, never-die-or-you-lose-it-all gaming.

I hope you’ll like it when I eventually show it – it’s being done in Actionscript 3 and runs in a browser, which is a departure for me – I normally go for the immersion of full-screen games.  I want it to be something people spend their lunch hours on though, and this is a great way to reach them.  For now, I’ll leave you with this screenie: