GDC, and a bit of the old ultracrunch…

(I’m sure this is a fairly common combination.)

Just a quick note to say, I’ll be in San Francisco from tomorrow, until the 4th of next month.  I’ll be at GDC, hanging about, eating tasty foods, showing NG+ around (contact me if you’d like to play, as I’m going to try and arrange a 4p session, even if it’s in the hotel lobby!  Also there to meet virtual friends ‘IRL’, some of whom for the first time, and cheer on Terry and Cactus and other friends at the IGF awards (best of luck to all nominees, of course!)

Be sure to leave me a message via email or twitter if you want to link up, due to the crunch I’ve not been able to make any plans except my flight and hotel so far.

Talking of crunch, I’ve barely slept this month while adding even more new things to Lone Survivor for the PlayStation consoles (and have even seen it running in a early state, yay!)  As well as the stuff I mentioned before, there’s now another new piece of music, more new items (taking us up to 22 new ones, for bullet-point fans), new sound effects, another new ending (there are now five instead of the original three), another large and complex location, a new enemy type, lots more new dialogue, new lighting effects, even a new portrait of You (hopefully it’s not too much of a spoiler, I’m trying to keep all this stuff nice a surprising for you guys, but…):

 (See if you can find out how to unlock it!)

Also note that Lone Survivor is currently 50% off in the spring sales on Steam!  Go, tell your friends etc!  (It would be much appreciated.) 

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    • Flatscreen
    • March 28th, 2013

    Keep up the good work Jasp! Although I do agree, is the PC version going to get an update as well? I brought the PC version not so long when it came out, I enjoyed it til I finished the game (REALLY short game if you knew what you were doing >_<) and I don't have a ps3 to play the new version :[

  2. avatar
    • CoolCumber
    • March 26th, 2013

    can you please add the new endings for pc?? please? or at least make new stuff for the pc thats not in ps3? If you just add a ton of new stuff for ps3 and not for pc…people will start feeling it’s an incomplete game on pc…and some (like myself) will get extreamly jelouse >:( .whatever do anything you want with your game anything to make it better! Thanks anyways Jasper.

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