It’s nearly there…

I’ve done so much work on it, constantly for the whole of this year.  It’s bigger than I ever expected to be.

There are hundreds of tiny little changes and improvements.  It has a lot of new hidden, dark corners.  It even looks and sounds pretty different.  It is playing great on the Playstation Vita and PlayStation 3, and Curve are doing a great job on the port.

It has become a new thing.

It is for this reason that it is now called “Lone Survivor – The Director’s Cut.”  And I’m so excited and proud to share it with you guys.


1080p wallpaper for your pleasure

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    • while(true){breathe;}
    • July 25th, 2013

    Thank you for this game, i had a really good time playing it, it made me fall back into childhood, this is priceless.
    Can’t wait for your new games to come out.

    If you are willing to port Director’s Cut back to PC some day…

    Anyway im probably gettin it for my dear PS3user friend ><

    Great work, have a nice summer.

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    • Xbob42
    • July 19th, 2013

    Hey Jasper, congrats on finally finishing this up for the PS3/Vita, every time I visit your blog you always seem to be hard at work.

    Just another PC fan here wanting to say your reverence for Sony consoles is akin to my reverence for the PC platform, so here’s hoping that you’ll be able to get those extra features over to the PC version without much hassle whenever you’ve finally rested up!

    Get your rest first, though! Take a nice break, after making this awesome game and then adding all that extra content you have most certainly earned it, sir!

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    Ha ha. OK. Sleep. Rest. Hire Santa’s elves to help you out.

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    • Link
    • July 18th, 2013

    That is fantastic news! You must have been a busy man : O

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    I aim to bring those features which are technically possible to the PC in some form in future. This port has taken me personally 8 months of extra work, far more than I ever suggested would be added to the original version of the game (I had planned to add a joke ending, much like Silent Hill 2’s Dog Ending, and that was it.) It’s more work than goes into most paid DLC, and it is not a simple task to port back to the PC platforms, so I would just ask the fans to please be patient as I am only one person and do need to rest at some points! 🙂

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      • Eneko
      • July 25th, 2013

      Hello Jasper, I really admire your work and games, specially Lone Survivor.
      It was the first game I’ve ever bought in steam and I tthink it really worth it
      I was kinda disappointed when I knew that you were going to make special content only for PS3 and PSVita, but now, that I know you are working to bring them to PC I am truly relieved.
      Thank you so much Jasper. I really hope you can make it possible.

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    OK, there might be three messages flying at you here. Just ignore the previous two. Will this director’s cut content be added to the Steam version I bought a while ago?

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    Woops. My full online name is Strangeblades.

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    Hi. Will this content be added to the Steam version I bought a while ago?

    PS: I feel like I asked this question already. Major deja vu here.

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      • Link
      • July 20th, 2013

      Relaxed man, stuff like that can take lot’s of time. Aren’t you exited for his new games too?
      Either way, I think you should just create what you like most, it will be the most likable 😀

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