The Means of Distribution

Hello again everyone!

Thankyou once again for the kind emails, reviews and messages you’ve sent me.  I really am a bit overwhelmed by it all, in the best way possible.

I’m happy to announce that I now have a system in place to distribute a choice of DRM-free or Steam versions of LONE SURVIVOR v1.1 CODENAME: RED to the customers from my own site.

I’m going to be doing this all by hand with my wife, so it would be helpful to hold out if you possibly can, so we can do it in batches. I’d like to see the Mac Black Screen customers come first if possible, as you guys really are my highest priority.

So, to get your v1.1 update:

  • From the email address you used to purchase...
  • Compose an email to support (at)
  • Make the subject line the order number you received only, eg: SUPxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxxxx.
  • Put anything you like in the message!  
  • It could even be a piece of fanart, or a thought about the game!
  • You'll then receive a code which can be redeemed on the Humble Store...
  • ... where you can pick from a direct download of v1.1 DRM-free, or a Steam key.
  • Enjoy updates for life with no worries!
  • Thanks for your patience with this, and I’m also very thankful to the guys over at Humble, Inc. for arranging it for me.  They’ve gone out of their way to accommodate my existing customers at no real benefit to themselves.

    But it would be good to have the emails starting from now, so I can be ready. Preferably Mac BSOD sufferers first (it’s like boarding a plane!)



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    1. avatar
      • Shinaar
      • June 28th, 2012

      Bought the game few months ago and sent the email to be able to download Steam version. But 3 days already passed and there’s still no answer on my email (shinaar (at) How long should I wait?

      Thank you!

    2. avatar
      • Donald
      • May 28th, 2012

      Jerry, it’s been a few days since you posted your comment so you may have already figured this out, but if you bought the game on Steam you already have the latest version.

    3. avatar
      • Jerry
      • May 25th, 2012

      I had a question! I bought Lone Survivor on steam using paypal so i was just wondering where would my order code be? I would love to have this new update!

    4. avatar

      Lovely to see the CRT images, Paul, thanks for sharing!

      Looks so nice and warm. 🙂

    5. avatar
      • Paul
      • May 10th, 2012


      Unfortunately my camera is not really good, I could only make poor quality photos:(
      However i made some screenshots(Maybe you can still notice the difference but unfortunately not in colors)


    6. avatar


      Please post some photos – I’d love to see it!

      – Jasper

    7. avatar
      • Paul
      • May 8th, 2012

      It looks awesome on a CRT monitor 🙂

    8. avatar
      • Specter1981
      • May 8th, 2012


      I was intrigued when I first saw the trailer for this game and after having played the demo and found it on steam I bought it. So far it looks pretty interesting, so congrats on your work.


    9. avatar
      • I87
      • May 2nd, 2012

      nu1mlock :
      That’s a pirated version and is exactly the same as the one you buy off the site here. You should really buy it, it is so freaking awesome!

      Why would you download a pirated version? You do realize that downloading a pirated version would be stealing the game, right? Especially with a small indie developer game, that’s a d*** move.

    10. avatar
      • nu1mlock
      • May 1st, 2012

      That’s a pirated version and is exactly the same as the one you buy off the site here. You should really buy it, it is so freaking awesome! 🙂

    11. avatar
      • Kappaface
      • May 1st, 2012

      i understand the differences between lone survivor, First aid and code red. but what exactly is Lone survivor Rip unleashed? ive searched and there seems to be 4 versions of this game.

    12. avatar
      • nu1mlock
      • April 30th, 2012


      I’ve just tried Lone Survivor for an hour or so (yes, I downloaded it first). I love it! I tend to have a thing for indie-games (got about 80-ish of them on Steam, and another 80-ish non-indie’s) because of the developers way to think “outside the box”, which bigger developers rarely do.

      Anyway, seeing I’m loving this game I obviously want to pay for it, which brings me to my question:

      If I want to support you, as a developer, is it better to buy it off Steam or your website ( if that is it)? I’d prefer not to use Steam anymore, seeing they stole a game from me without refunding it.

      However, if a purchase from Steam would support you as a developer more, then I’d happily (well, kinda) do it even though I’d rather not give Steam any money (as they take a cut).

      Please reply to the email on the address I entered or I might forget to check back here as soon as I’d like.

      Thank you for an awesome game!
      Regards, “nu1mlock”

    13. avatar
      • Rhyslex
      • April 30th, 2012

      Hello Jasper, i’ve just finished Lone Survivor and you’ve got all my gratitude for having created such a game, it’s just Amazing!!!!

      I’ve bought also the soundtrack which is just fucking Great!!!!

      Keep continue to create such excellent games!!!

      Greetings. Rhyslex

    14. avatar
      • Carlos
      • April 28th, 2012

      I’d be glad to help with a(n European) Portuguese translation, too!

    15. avatar
      • rick
      • April 27th, 2012

      Oh, translations! Good idea, Hervé! I would offer my native German skills. Let us know!

    16. avatar
      • Hervé
      • April 27th, 2012

      Hello Jasper,

      Your game is amazing 😉

      Are you interested in a free french translation?

      Please tell me…

    17. avatar

      Thanks guys, it’s nearly ready. Need to make a few changes to the website, and the store to be finalised. I’m hoping I’ll be able to start distributing the codes this weekend.

    18. avatar
      • oldsnake
      • April 27th, 2012

      just wanted to post and say that this fan support is fucking amazing. youre an amazing dude jasper.

    19. avatar
      • Lucas
      • April 27th, 2012

      Yay! Awesome. Will get it on steam and play throught it again! 😛

    20. avatar
      • zaka
      • April 26th, 2012

      Just to say that you did outstanding job at reminding me how great oldschool gaming was, my fond memories of Silenthill and Davidlynch films refreshed.



    21. avatar
      • Sefam
      • April 26th, 2012

      Awesome! Very fast!

      Let’s hope all the angry customers knocking at your door at night calm down 😮

    22. avatar
      • rick
      • April 26th, 2012

      Sweet, great news! I’ll wait another couple of days with my e-mail since I didn’t encounter any problems while playing. Thanks Jasper for creating this great piece of video game art, and all the support you are giving! This little hype you are getting is well deserved. 🙂

    23. avatar
      • StephenM3
      • April 26th, 2012

      Wow, that was impressively fast! Half a week between the 1.1 / Steam release and getting a previous-customer upgrade system set up from scratch!

    24. avatar
      • Owen S
      • April 26th, 2012

      Submitted. Thank you once again for doing this! 🙂

    25. avatar
      • Dadou
      • April 26th, 2012

      Thanks Jasper, and good luck with all that!

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